About Us

We are a group of young married individuals working towards helping you find a spouse.

Our focus is single Shia Muslims aged 25 plus living in North America, Europe and Australia

  • Complete our detailed questionnaire and get matched with a consultant
  • Your consultant will learn more about you (our candidate) and your preferences for a spouse
  • Both you and your consultant will search through the non-identifying responses from other individuals to find a potential match for you
  • Candidates can reach out directly to other candidates and have 72 hours to hear a response
  • If no response is received, candidates can move to a different candidate
  • If the other candidate responds through our messaging system, the candidates can no longer search through our database while messaging each other

What is a Candidate?

  • A single person aged 25 plus who identifies themselves as a Shia Muslim and is interested in finding a spouse. This could include people of various ethnicities and situations (divorced, widowed etc.). Our focus is on candidates in North America, Europe and Australia

What is a Consultant?

  • Each candidate will have a consultant who we see more as a friend
  • Consultants work one on one with candidates to learn about their preferences for a spouse
  • Both the candidate and the consultant search the database to look for a partner
  • For transactional candidates, candidates go direct to other candidates
  • For guiding candidates, consultants screen interested candidates until the candidate agrees to proceed

Interested in becoming a volunteer consultant for Shia Connections? Click here to become a consultant

You can also visit our most Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) or our Testimonials pages for more information

Why choose us?

Consultant Approach
We have a team of young consultants who work individually with each candidate to help them search for their spouse

Demographic specific
We focus on specific areas of the world where individuals are likely to have the highest match level criteria

Free Free Free!
Our service is 100% free!  You have nothing to lose

Highly Confidential
We take great measures to ensure your information is kept confidential