While we all want to help the single people in our community, we believe it is important to have that candidate complete their profile themselves. We also want to make sure the information provided is accurate and personal. For example, you may think you know your son and what he wants in a spouse, but if you read the profile he created in his own words, you might be surprised at what he says. We also want candidates who are committed to the process and willing to follow through with forming a friendship with a consultant and pursuing potential matches.

Our team is committed to helping you find a spouse through characteristics, akhlaq, common interests etc. Once a potential match is made, candidates will exchange personal information.

Consultants are married individuals who have a passion to help the single people in our community. We generally look for someone who is able to work with our online database. We also look for someone who has time to get to know their single candidate(s) and search through a database to find them a match. The time commitment varies depending on how many candidates each consultant has, and how many matches it takes per candidate.

If you have found your life partner or have decided to not be a part of Shia Connections, please send an email to info@shiaconnections.com to have your profile removed from our databases. Please give us up to two weeks to make this change.

For now, the three founders of Shia Connections and administrators, are the only people who have access to your confidential information.

Since our system is still in its initial stages, we feel it is important to focus on selected regions first.  We also have contacts in each of these regions to recruit both consultants and candidates.  In the future we may consider expanding to other regions Insh-llah.

Our team works fi sabillilah – in the cause of A-lah SWT.  We seek the love and reward only from the Almighty, Insh-llah.  We do not charge for our services as of now.  If you would like to donate to our cause, please send us an email at info@shiaconnections.com

Our team is not affiliated with any Islamic institution, mosque or jamaat. We are lovers of the Ahlul Bayt and work to please our Creator and the Imam of our time. We have met with Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi (Maulana Rizvi) of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat of Toronto to gain his support and approval for our project. He has assured us we are following the Sharia and has supported our cause.

While we all love the ‘Aunty & Uncle Matchmakers’ of our communities, sometimes the information they have is not always the most accurate. Some matchmakers have so many people they match for and often do not know the actual candidates personally. Matches can be made on very limited criteria such as age, height, and hijab observance.

Matchmaking websites also offer the chance for candidates to search through other potential candidates on their own. Some families and single people feel this depersonalizes the approach and can lead to false identities and other mishaps. You may know of someone who met a potential match on a matchmaking website, only to find out their potential match was already married, or was communicating with several other individuals at the same time.

The consultant approach offered through Shia Connections helps to provide complete information since it is provided by the candidate themselves. It also provides the personal touch offered through community matchmakers. Our consultants have an opportunity to get to know their candidates on a personal level hopefully leading to fewer but more successful match attempts.

Yes and no. Basically candidates will be sent a list of consultants and their bios. You get to choose from a list provided to you. If you have someone who is married and loves to help match make, you can encourage them to contact us to become a consultant.

Our method of helping you find a spouse involves more of a ‘friend’ approach. This means both you and your consultant will search through an entire database of individuals. Your consultant might suggest a candidate you may not have considered but may turn out to be an amazing match. You can also tell your consultant about matches you are interested in. Having a consultant means that there is someone behind every candidate who can support and vouch for each match. Other matchmaking websites may have you search through a database, however there is limited security in knowing whether or not the person you are contacting is truly who they say they are, and if they are indeed single and not already speaking/attached to someone else. While this method works for many people, our approach involves more of a one on one approach with support and validation through the process. Another great advantage of having a consultant is they can mentor you on what to look for in a future spouse. Each of our consultants is married and can help guide you with their experience.

Having a consultant be in contact with each candidate is one way to ensure the candidate listed is indeed who they say they are. We are hoping to have consultants in every city that our candidates are in if possible. This way they may know of each other through the mosque, or have mutual friends, etc. While this still does not guarantee that each candidate is who they say they are, it does help prevent false identities or married individuals posing as singles. We do encourage candidates to do their own ‘research’ once confidential information is exchanged between parties.