"Having a young consultant to work with made the online search process more personal. I wasn't bombarded by single candidates who had nothing in common with me! My needs were put first and I was really impressed by the confidential process."
"ShiaConnections helped to unite me with my fiance. We are of complete different backgrounds, ethnicity etc. If it weren't for organizations such as this one, I don't know how we would have met!"
"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about your site and I truly appreciate your service in helping the youth to complete half their deen. Thank you again for all your efforts. I have already referred my other friends to the site as well. I will continue to do so as I think it is a wonderful resource."
"First I thought it would be weird to have a consultant; seems like an unnecessary step to make the process longer. But then, after speaking to my consultant on the phone, she became someone I could share my thoughts with without being judged. It was different than talking to my parents or relatives, because my consultant was really good at listening to my needs. She never pushed me into a situation like some of my family members have done! I am still looking for my perfect match, but I am grateful for all the time my consultant has shared with me to help me find that special someone."
"We are incredibly grateful to inform you that Shia Connections facilitated our introduction. Through this process of spouse selection, the consultants were incredibly friendly and supportive in guiding us from the initial communication to the engagement period."
"We each come from different backgrounds and communities. Shia Connections provided us with a platform to meet and get to know one another in a respectable and comfortable way."
"We are excited for the journey ahead and the possibilities the future may hold for us. This has forever changed our lives and we are grateful to the founders, administrators, and consultants. You will always be in our thoughts and duas. May Allah (s.w.t.) reward you for all your efforts and dedication in supporting people in finding their life partners."
"The words “thank you” do not mean enough, To convey our gratitude from the heart, No prayer can mean enough, Your help was sent from up above, You helped fill a void in our lives, To serve the Ummah you strive, While waiting for the Imam to arrive."